Mighty Mystic balances rock and reggae on new album

unnamedJamaican born and U.S. bred singer Mighty Mystic, who is also the younger brother of former Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, follows-up on his 2014 released album Concrete World, a set that included the monumental single Cali Green.

The Art of Balance is Mighty Mystic’s third album and his most mature set yet where he has found a good balance between somber reggae riddims and guitar-fueled rock. But it’s also his darkest effort and he sheds light on serious issues over minor key melodies.

Highlights include the dark Rebels, with its pulsating organ, the devout Woman, the beautiful and acoustic Solid As a Rock and the militant and sparse Only the Strong.

Psychedelic guitars, dreamy soundscapes and haunting organs are key elements on The Art of Balance, and together they make a solid album bordering rock and reggae.


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