About Reggaemani

Reggaemani is a blog about reggae music. It ranges from the early days of ska and rocksteady over 70’s and 80’s roots and dancehall to contemporary sounds. I hope that Reggaemani can broaden the perspective on reggae and widen the general interest for the music and the people behind it.

Reggaemani is mainly based on interviews, columns and reviews of records, books and concerts. The interviews range from acclaimed reggae journalist/photographer Beth Lesser (Swedish) and radio DJ David Rodigan to world famous singers such as Gappy Ranks, Busy Signal, Luciano and Chezidek.

The reggae I care about the most and that dominates Reggaemani is roots – both old and new. I also listen a lot to early dancehall. My personal favourites has for many years been Dennis Brown, Johnny Osbourne, Cornell Campbell, Lone Ranger and The Meditations.

I’m Erik Magni, editor of Reggaemani. I’m a 32 year freelance writer and sporadic dj living in Stockholm, Sweden. Apart from Reggaemani, I’ve also written for United Reggae (English), Irie Up (English), Reggae Galore (Swedish), Svenska Reggaebloggen (Swedish), Rebel Music (Swedish) and Skivkoll (Swedish).

Many thanks to Beth Lesser for letting me use her great photo, to artist Chris Lister for letting me use his portrait of Dennis Brown, to Henrik Lindqvist for helping me with design issues and last but not least Anna Thunander for her continous support, great ideas and sporadic proof reading.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas I would be glad to hear them. Please contact me at erik [at] reggaemani.com, @Reggaemani on Twitter, on Facebook or on Soundcloud.

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