The 15 best reggae albums of 2014 so far

Six months of 2014 have passed and a few days ago Reggaemani presented a list with the 25 best reggae songs from 2014 so far. Now it’s time to present the albums, and competition has as usual been fierce with a huge number of strong albums from debutants and veterans alike.

Half-year report albums

The list below collects 15 albums and is presented in no particular order. No reissues or compilations have been included. If you are curious about the albums you can download this Spotify playlist with 13 out of 15 albums.

Artist – album title
Popcaan – Where We Come From
A remarkable, exceptional and unique dancehall effort that hopefully can start a new trend in the otherwise very busy and non-consistent dancehall industry.

Raging Fyah – Destiny
The melodies and the arrangements are beautiful and it’s impossible not to get struck by a sweet piano ballad like Brave or pulsating non-stop rocking rockers like Barriers and Step Outta Babylon.

Hezron – The Life I Live(d)
Hezron’s debut album, but it sounds mature, partly because of the well-produced riddims by some of Jamaica’s finest, and partly because he sings like he has never done anything else in his life.

Lee Perry – Back on the Controls
A dark and dense album showcasing Lee Perry’s signature style.

Soul Majestic – Setting the Tone
With its angelic vocal harmonizing and alternating male and female lead vocals – this is a sublime, beautiful and uplifting album.

Hollie Cook – Twice
Nine tracks and over 40 minutes of discofied reggae in its greatest form. Free your mind, take off your shoes and hang on, this is a rollercoaster into dreamy territory.

Earl Sixteen – Natty Farming
Organic and analogue with Earl Sixteen’s pleading voice floating elegantly over the throbbing and syncopated riddims.

Bugle – Anointed
Probably best known for singles like Doh, What I’m I Gonna Do, Journey and Don’t Give Up, and if you dig those you’ll love this album.

Sizzla – Born a King
Wickedly well-produced, balanced and detailed. This scorching album is definitely one of the strongest sets from Sizzla’s more than extensive catalogue.

Alpheus – Good Prevails
Skip the poorly sounding rocksteady reissues and go for this meticulously constructed and well-produced set. This is the sound of real reggae music.

Chronixx – Dread & Terrible
Solid debut set from this youthful and passionate singer that has focused on quality rather than quantity.

Clinton Fearon – Goodness
Yet another fine example of how Clinton Fearon and his Boogie Brown Band takes the reggae legacy into contemporary territory.

Black Symbol – Journey
A spiritual and sometimes meditative journey with sublime harmonizing and beautiful back-up vocals courtesy of Empress Bev. Her touch gives the album a character of its own.

Addis Pablo – In My Father’s House
Its 17 tracks takes the listener on a meditative, haunting and melodic roots reggae journey.

Tarrus Riley – Love Situation
Slick, polished and timeless with lots of classic and vintage sounding riddims.


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8 responses to “The 15 best reggae albums of 2014 so far

  1. Reblogged this on The Moments of a Blackqueen and commented:
    My favorite albums Chronixx – Dread & Terrible and Addis Pablo – In My Father’s House made the list of top selections in reggae 2014. More music from the reggae revival coming soon!

  2. Where is Midnite’s Beauty For Ashes in your list?

  3. Rob

    Hmmm.. I usually can find your playlists on Spotify. This one doesn’t come up.

    Is it under Erikma?

  4. Henrik

    Chronixx – Dread & Terrible is my number one.

  5. betty

    I am looking for a compilation album, recent, that Anthony B did with some other artists, The song I am looking for is called, “Harmony”.
    Can you direct me please!
    Thank you,

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