An infectious smile on Love, Herb & Reggae

Taj_ItunesArtSt. Lucian singer and songwriter Taj Weekes’ is finally back with his and his band Adowa’s fifth album Love, Herb & Reggae, a set originally slated for release last year. It was definitely worth the wait and it’s his most varied and rebellious album to date.

Love, Herb & Reggae is soft and uplifting rootsy reggae with political themes and calls to action. Taj Weekes is an activist and on the set he shares his Rastafarian beliefs in order to make change. It has a full and powerful sound with clever and progressive arrangements.

Taj Weekes has a soft and pleading voice. Almost sensual. His messages are however fierce and forthright and reflects his involvement in local and global communities. On opening track Let Your Voice he calls for actions against social inequalities and on Life in Red he defies consumerism. Rebels to the Streets calls for revolution and Bullet of a Gun condemns gun violence.

But there’s room for love too. Was It You is pure romance and Full Sight is about love and desire. The tango twisted Here I Stand calls for universal love. It’s featured twice and the remix version is the preferred choice. It has a more militant rhythm.

Taj Weekes tackles difficult issues and calls for changes throughout the album. But it’s never dark or dismal. He sings with a smile. And it’s infectious.


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