Ganja Anthems pays tribute to the plant

unnamedMarijuana is a more than common reggae theme and has been so for decades. On almost any reggae album one can hear about its spiritual powers, a plea for its legislation or one of its many suggested benefits for health – “it’s good for the flu, a good for asthma, good for tuberculosis, even umara composis” as Peter Tosh once sang.

All these themes are covered on Irie Ites‘ new compilation Ganja Anthems, a 16 track set where no less than 17 artists sing praises about weed and why it should be legalized. A majority of the cuts have been previously released, including scorchers like Chezidek’s masterpiece Bun Di Ganja, Lorenzo & Chezidek’s Please Mr. Officer, which transforms into a tasty dub version, and The Tamlins’ smooth Irie Collie.

But it also comes with three unreleased killers. Russ D has remixed Specular’s More Herb with great effect and Peetah Morgan is as soulful as ever on Healing of the Nation, a cut composed by Roots Radics. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal relicks a Studio One piece on Weedman Look Out and at the same time borrows from Rita Marley’s monumental One Draw.

Whether you smoke it or not, this compilation will heal any nation.

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