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Two great mixes from Safari Sound

Sweden-based Safari Sound has been working hard lately. Last week they presented a mix done for Din Gata on Swedish national radio. The mix consists of 89 tunes, mainly the latest dancehall sounds from around the globe. You’ll find Mykal Rose, Baby Cham and Bounty Killer on the latest Dave Kelly riddim as well as hit songs Straight Jeans & Fitted and Clarks.

Apart from working with radio shows, they’ve managed to produce a tribute mix to the late Gregory Isaacs. This mix blends old school Gregory with some newer material. Many favorites can be found here. You can’t go wrong with Universal Tribulation, Mr. Cop and Soon Forward along with dancehall monsters such as Rumours and Mind Yu Dis.

Listen and/or download both mixes here.

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Reggaemani presents – A Curtis Lynch Special

If you’ve followed Reggaemani for some time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of UK-based producer Curtis Lynch aka Da Grynch. To promote his music I’ve decided to drop a mix consisting only of his dark and dub oriented productions.

I came across his tunes about a year ago when he dropped Young Gunz, a wicked Million Stylez and Joey Fever combination over a revitalized 80’s riddim.

From then and onwards, I’ve kept a close eye on his labels Necessary Mayhem and Maroon, the former dedicated to dancehall productions and the latter to more roots sounding stuff.

Curtis Lynch has done lots of great relicks, for example Joker Smoker and the mighty Police in Helicopter. Earlier this year he put out his first own riddim titled Jam 1, and about a month ago Jam 4 – also an own riddim – hit the streets. Both are included in the new mix. But I’ve not included the original version of Jam 1. Instead I’ve used a lethal remix that has an even heavier bass line.

An interesting thing about the productions from Curtis Lynch is that most artists he’s voicing are from Europe. Jamaican singers included on A Curtis Lynch Special are Busy Signal, Gregory Isaacs and Etana. All others are living in Europe.

This mix is done after the same recipe as my previous – a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound effects.

Most tunes are available on vinyl or on mp3 and easy to find. Rumours by Ziggi Recado is not released yet though. It might be released on 7” later this year.

If you like what you hear, please support the artists and the labels and buy the tunes.

Download A Curtis Lynch Special here (right click, save as) or listen below.

Artist – song title (riddim)

1. Chyna Soulstar & Demolition Man – Lord Save My Soul (Pirates)
2. Brinsley Forde & Blackout JA – United States of Africa (Pirates)
3. Da Grynch – Pirates Dub (Pirates)
4. Ziggi Recado – Ganja Smoke (In the Air) (Joker Smoker)
5. Mr. Williamz – No Cigarette (Joker Smoker)
6. Da Grynch – Joker Smoker Instrumental (Joker Smoker)
7. Etana – August Town (Inner City Lady)
8. Gregory Isaacs & Blackout JA – Inner City Lady (Inner City Lady)
9. Da Grynch – Inner City Dub (Inner City Lady)
10. Ziggi Recado – Rumours
11. Blackout JA – Heavy Weight Chanter (Jam 4/the Wobble)
12. Da Grynch – Jam 4 Instrumental (Jam 4/the Wobble)
13. Blackout JA & Chantelle Ernandez – We Are Strong (Shaolin Temple)
14. Jah Mirikle – Mystic Control (Shaolin Temple)
15. Da Grynch – Ugly Dub (Shaolin Temple)
16. Maikal X – Get Away (Police in Helicopter Reactivated)
17. Mr. Williamz – Sound Murderer (Police in Helicopter Reactivated)
18. Da Grynch – Police in Helicopter Dub (Police in Helicopter Reactivated)
19. Busy Signal, Etana & Netna – As Mi Forward Remix (Jam 1)
20. Million Stylez & Joey Fever – Young Gunz (Come Down)
21. Mr. Williamz – Real General (Come Down)
22. Da Grynch – Come Down Instrumental (Come Down)


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Summer Vibes – A Sunshine Reggae Mix by Reggaemani

During summertime the general public begins to take some interest in reggae. I cannot remember how many times I’ve had questions about listening to reggae music all year round.

However, there is reggae which is more summerish than other. The kind that’s maybe even better suited for sun, salt baths and lazy days on the beach. Reggaemani’s new Summer Vibes mix is the soundtrack for all those days.

There are almost only soft rhythms in the mix and it’s no coincidence that cozy producer Kemar “Flava” McGregor is responsible for five of the songs. But there are of course much more. How about three tunes on the revitalized Coming in From the Cold rhythm or the saxophone party in the dance-friendly Daddy Loves You More by Daddy G.

Summer Vibes also bring together veterans Beres Hammond and Sanchez with new talents such as Dutch singer Benaïssa and Ginjah.

Summer Vibes is a continuous mix with no full tunes and some added sound effects. Some of the tunes are from 2010, but the main part are from 2009 and 2008.

Full source information is provided. If you like what you hear please support the artists, record shops and labels and buy the music.

Download Summer Vibes here or use the link below (right click, save as). Enjoy!

Summer Vibes – A Sunshine Reggae Mix by Reggaemani

Artist – Title (label / riddim)
1. Tony Curtis – Golden Eyes (Flava McGregor / Classic)
2. Etana – Love Me For Real (Flava McGregor / Classic)
3. Kemar “Flava” McGregor – Classic riddim version (Flava McGregor / Classic)
4. Courtney John – Win Some (FiWi)
5. Anthony Cruz – Only the Father (Tads / Coming in From the Cold)
6. Mitch ft. New Kidz – Payroll (Tads / Coming in From the Cold)
7. Sanchez – That Place (Tads / Coming in From The Cold)
8. Benaïssa ft. Lloyd De Meza & Benjah – Voodoo (Dancehall Mix) (JahSolidRock)
9. Benaïssa – Voodoo Dub (JahSolidRock)
10. Peetah Morgan – Saying Goodbye (Jukeboxx / Silver Plate)
11. Raw Deal – Wasting No Time (Jukeboxx / Silver Plate)
12. Tarrus Riley – Love Created I (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
13. Etana – Learn To Love (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
14. Luciano – Jah Live (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
15. Joggo – All My Life (PhatAndLazy / Love You More)
16. Daddy G – Daddy Loves You More (PhatAndLazy / Love You More)
17. Beres Hammond – Still Waiting For You (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
18. Morgan Heritage – Here To Stay (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
19. Eternity riddim instrumental (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
20. Morgan Heritage – Nothing To Smile About (Flava McGregor / Rub A Dub)
21. Ginjah – Never Lost My Way (Flava McGregor / Rub A Dub)
22. Benaïssa ft. Lloyd De Meza – Coconut Water (Dancehall Mix) (JahSolidRock)
23. Chezidek – Uplift Yourself (JahSolidRock)
24. Benaïssa – Coconut Water Dub (JahSolidRock)

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